Inmate Telephone Services for all type Correctional Facilities State, Regional, County, Municipalities (large & small)

  • Fully Automated Inmate Calling
  • Flexible Calling Reports for Administrative and Investigative Use
  • PIN Applications Available
  • Inmate Call Control and Access Control
  • Live monitoring capability
  • Optional Networking
  • Access Control
  • Increased Revenue via higher call completion
  • Reduction of blocked call to numbers
  • Local based repair and site administration
  • Call Recording
  • Prepaid and Debit Card billing options
  • Legacy Direct Billing on traditional non billable (CLEC) calls.


Each Correctional Facility/Jail has specific needs that need to be met by their chosen provider. Legacy’s Inmate Calling programs offer each Facility a myriad of calling and revenue options that can be designed specifically to meet these needs. In response to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which helped create competition on the local exchange level, correction facilities have been faced with an increasing unbillable ratio for collect calling. A vast majority of these new local providers (CLECs) do not accept billing from third party companies – thus decreasing operator service call revenue for thousands of facilities nationwide. Not to mention the increase of complaints from family members wishing to speak with incarcerated loved ones. Legacy offers more billing options than any of its competitors! As a full-service provider Legacy can meet all the needs of each facility it services. Our program is unparalleled in the industry today!

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